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January 24, 2010
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2002 - 2009 Improvment  Meme by DreamsOfALostSpirit 2002 - 2009 Improvment  Meme by DreamsOfALostSpirit
*Kamaniki has made this wonderful 2003-2009 meme which you can find here:

It was originally from 2003 and onwards, but I changed it to 2002 because that was when I first started to get aware of drawing, until then I had just drawn for drawing without thinking much about it, like you do when you're a child^^'
I turn year just a week before new year's so I just included the ages I was during the 51 weeks in the year.

Some of these works are very embarrassing for me to show here on dA but at the same time it is kinda fun to show where I started. For some reason people have always said that I was good at drawing, all since kinder garden, but now I see that they were all lier's :giggle:

I did a similar thing last year only with rabbits, not very exiting but still, you can still find it here: [link]

Anyway, I encourage everyone who has enough work stored up and the braveness to show they're old works to do this meme, It has been really fun, and it is so fun to see others progress over the years as well:D

I'd be happy to get a little comment :typerhappy:

Original Works and Characters © Jeanette Salvesen (*DreamsOfALostSpirit)

(will go into scraps later^^)
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AJ333 Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Your beautiful work has been featured here: [link]
Wow! What a difference. I didn't realize you were so much younger than me.

Also, I'm very sorry about your rabbit!
twilight88 Jan 24, 2010
shit du har utvikla deg ja:)ganske store forskjella fra år te år
De første åra plager øynene mine @_@'
Trodde jeg hadde vist deg noen av mine gamle arbeid tidligere, kanskje det bare jeg som fabler O_o?
Kunne ikke tenke deg å lage en slik selv da? :D jeg elsker å se folk sine gamle arbeid!
twilight88 Jan 25, 2010
haha bruke å være sånn. jo du har vist meg nåkka=P men va en del hr eg ikkje hadde sett fra tiliare år. veit du. eg har kasta mesteparten=P når eg ikkje klare å se på arbeidan mine ende de me at dm havne i søpla
:no: må ikke kaste arbeid da! ... det er ihvertfall det mamma sier ^^;
Neida, akkurat når det kommer til tegninger tar jeg vare på stort sett alt som ikke er møkk, det kan ofte være noen gode ideer bak selv om tegningen ikke er noe god...
twilight88 Jan 28, 2010
ja d e sant. syns nestn man hadde bedre idea når man va mindre.
Wow, thank you for putting this up... it is really beautiful to see your progression as an artist. And it looks like you definitely have always been good as an artist, but you did not stop at being "good" you kept going and got better every year because it was important to you. A zillion years ago, when I was in my teens, I mostly stopped trying to draw, and did not even pursue my photography because I was so busy with my education. Only now that my daughter is about your age am I coming back to art as a priority in my life. Just keep going! You are already making art that people want to come back to and look at again and again.
It is never to late to follow ones bliss^^. I'm glad that I found mine this early(hopefully, you never know)
I hope people will look at these meme's all over daviantART and find inspiration. I can't wait to see what the upcoming years will look like^^
And thank you^^'
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